MEDx eHealthCenter B.V. is a healthcare transformation agency; committed to the development, deployment, and implementation of UHC programs and projects.

We believe that UHC is to public health, what Blockchain is to the fourth industrial revolution. It is ‘the’ catalyst for the transition to a global public health 4.0 at scale. The UN SDG emphasized the need for UHC prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic has heightened the urgency for UHC and created a suitable climate to leapfrog health systems around the world through UHC-oriented programs & initiatives.

Our aim is to strengthen the fabric and foundation of local health systems. We do this in two ways.
Firstly, by helping governments and institutions articulate their UHC ambitions into concrete plans, and find answers to questions such as ‘what to prioritize in the short-mid term?’, ‘What competencies to get around the table or where to find them?’ and ‘How to qualify risks in the UHC context and manage them?’.
Secondly, by driving holistic and more integrated solutions to local health systems before the next waves of health crisis hit. To achieve this, we work with diverse teams of professionals and partners to bridge the cultural or communication gaps to consumers and introduce a truly international perspective to drive optimal outcomes in local health systems.

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