Building a business can feel like a chalenge. That's why we created the Tropics Women in Business (TWiB) Magazine platform and multilingual community to give the right support to Female CEOs and Leaders across Africa and the globe. The publication is dedicated to providing C-level executives with the latest corporate development, gender equity news, Indusrty trends and technological innovations.
With a team scattered across all continents, we are euphorically focused on women who build empires, inspire change, transform communities and run outstanding institutions or companies despite ebbs and flows in the marketplace.

In this spirit, we honour the Top 100 Tropics Women in Business powerlist - a group of visionary business leaders who demonstrate the best and brightest of women-owned business enterprises every year during our annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT.
Tropics Women in Business (TWiB) Magazine also offers its Advertising Partners a unique blend of digital branding, content syndication and executive thought leadership articles through female lens. Following in the footsteps of its mother publication TROPICS MAGAZINE, the Tropics Women in Business (TWiB) brand is aimed at the English and French-
speaking communities and is published in both languages. Its circulation figures are 25,000 copies in PDF format and 7,000 copies in print format printed-on-demand and distributed mostly at Embassies and Hotels.